Words Mean Nothing Without Actions #IYP

We have all heard the saying "Talk is Cheap" and for those who listen to the daily show you have also heard me say over and over again that there is a change upon us energetically.

Well, on today's show these 2 worlds collide, yup a situation arises that takes me to the edge and I have to go with what is in my heart with all these new changes and energies. So the story begins almost 7 years ago when I first started putting my time into (and by time I mean my heart and knowledge to help empower and help heal) into this person.

So this beautiful women and amazing person was at that time going through a very difficult time with relationships and her work life. So there was massive weight gain and some slight depression as far as moving on with her life in a positive way.

You have also heard the saying "Fool me once it's on you, fool me twice it's on me," well this is in the end how it all played out for me except it was fool me 10 plus times. So because she was in such a bad place, she had such low expectations and self worth, I understood that it would not be an over night process. At the same time I had no clue she was not really looking to improve but rather to be able to use her issues as an excuse as to why she COULD NOT do it.

So every time this (the falling off the wagon) happened it sorta took the wind out of my sail's, as I was so invested in her and myself. I was not only trying to learn more for her to help but I was also helping myself improve and gain massive knowledge so sort of a win win really...for a while right??

Then the last few years what happened was just weird things like not a word for 7 plus months, then when I did get a call it was this uber high she was on about how good she was doing and how good everything was...then nothing for months again. Then the next call was a super low again and how this and that was the reason for it. So a couple years of this really taught me a lot about myself not so much her. 

Up until this meeting last night...I was blown away with myself not her. It was the same old same old on her behalf, but it was my response and UNDERSTANDING of myself not anyone else that allowed me to make an empowered decision of improvement and self realization of how important our time is and the energy we surround ourselves with is and how we need to get on with what it is we want!!

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