What More Do I Need To Get More? #IYP

So speaking for myself (obviously) the thing I have noticed in myself which has been also manifesting out side of me is the need to add something every time I think something is a little off, and that thing that I usually need to add is something external. Meaning food, or a supplement, love or words from someone else, things like this.

So today at the gym I was asked by someone asked what can I take or what can I add to my eating or what supplement can I take as I am super drained and tired all the time. They mentioned that they were even drinking these (in my humble opinion nasty ass energy boosting drinks...or as I think of them as poison) at least one a day.

So this exact conversation hit me like a ton of bricks. Because as I always mention on this show it's that what is happening out side of us is not separate from us, it's actually a manifestation of what already going on inside us. Wow rite! I know a little wo wo fu fu. 

Facts, and as I listened to this conversation I saw how I think in this exact same way but related to something different. So whenever I feel like maybe something like a cold, or soar throat is setting in...I immediately think what can I reach for (supplement wise)

So the same answer for them rang true as the exact same answer for me. Things like what about stress level, how has sleep been, what have you been eating, what have you been drinking? Water intake or hydration, vitamin D or sunlight exposure...and on and on. Yet we all think that drink, supplement, powder, drug is the answer. 

Coming from a place of lack. When we should be coming from a place of empowerment. We far to often (and I still do) forget the power is our's, not that of what we add. yes it can all aid us but it is not the end all be all, we are!

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