What Is Your Future Plan In Life? #IYP

Today's show is like honestly a 1 in a million chance happening, not ever in the history of my conversation's and very possibly even your have I heard the statements that I did today from a group that I went to school with. It not only blew my mind but it struck me as odd, and because of that allowed me to dig deep into the mental program that so many of not all of us run due to the society we have been raised in!

How it went down was something like this, we all began talking about balance in life, travel, rest, you know that 2019 work life balance BS. 

The 2 high school sweet hearts said something that made us all step back. It went like this "we travel to much, and have so much free time that we think we need to incur dept as we have a child now so to save for their future and ours we need to start being real adults not waisting anymore time and get into some investments that will take up our time so we are forced not to travel."

Yup that was said!

So for me it went against most hopes and dreams that the majority of us as humans have especially those who are later on in life. So I took it as a challenge to understand they why behind the decision of wanting more responsibility as a trade off fro future security.

So I asked the question straight up, like hey you are living the dream, why would you want to change that. The response was perfect, a perfect picture of the self imposed prison's we all live in that each one of us create due to the programs we are running.

The response was "well you can't do this forever, at some point we will get old and then how will we (insert fear) live, pay rent, medical, retire, savings.

As well as this one (which again was out side of my thought process) "how else will we be able to leave our children or give them a leg up in life"

All these are fair statements and thought's to be honest, however I do not agree with them at all, but we are all allowed our own thought's correct. Either way I just wanted to understand the thought process behind how they think. For me the understanding was that for them now it is better to sacrifice the now, this moment, health, freedom, purpose, passion, so you can hope that the future provide's for your children and you then and not now. 
Really we all do this we sacrifice our health and dreams now and put it off for the days of retirement, why do we do this? Simple we were each taught that this is the system this is how it is. We give up our best years to squeak by in our last years. 

Although this makes not no sense at all, it is not very easy to switch that mentality over to being in the moment and trusting it will all work out and all will be provided if we just show up for life.

When we talked to a 40 something surfer who was a server (serving drink's at a high end hotel) making enough money to pay rent, eat super healthy organic food and pay rent in a small little shack by the beach, and live his dream. (Imagine waking up every morning on the beach with low stress.) Every single person at the table we were at shit on him. Too old, that only works in your 20's, what will he do in 10 years, what women would want him, you can't do that forever, he needs a reality check. All things I wrote down that were said to him.

Not one person asked about how he maintained his health, looked so good for his age, or how happy he was. #FACTS

BTW 98% of the people at the table; not healthy and almost all were cranky old phucks!!

Do we need to re think this game called LIFE? I say YES!


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