We Are Not Promised Tomorrow #IYP

Wow what a talk I was involved in today and as always it seems to fit perfectly with all the happenings or the zeitgeist of things that is currently on going on the planet. Yes, so a very sobering talk today, but one I think that makes it possible to live a more zestful life if acted upon.

Which as you will see is much easier said than done, as we found out.

This conversation happens to fall upon the news over the last few days of people in my inner circle and those around the world that seem to be facing some major shifts and changes in their lives. Health, relationship, financial, family, beliefs, I mean it is endless for all of us when it comes down to the changes. 

I have mentioned this before many times that there is some type of shift happening, for all of us where some of us are going to wake up and some of us will go back to sleep. So if we want to evolve or if we want to expand I guess we should listen to the winds of change, that are being put if not shoved in front of our faces... aka lessons to learn!

That is where this conversation picks up, my good friend who I have known and worked with for a good while told me the news that he has some major health issue's and the medical outlook is not very positive. I asked what that meant and he then replied 'I was told I do not have that long to live.' This just knocked me over, as it would anyone. 

We got right down to the nitty gritty though, like ok if that is true and we are not thinking it is (BTW) what would you want to do with this one amazing life you have left to live? If you are reading this, let that sink in...really sink in.

We got into the; work, the responsibility, the love life, the money, the goals, the wants, where do you want to be, who do you want to be with, what would you want to do.

I mean we went over everything and it was not a one way street he asked me the exact same questions, which is why this was such a massive and in depth lesson for the both of us. The answer's hit emotions in both of us that left us humbled and saddened. 

Things like not being with your soul mate, not even liking the job you have, hating where you live. These are major realizations, that need to be acted upon, do not hesitate another second, as it could be all gone tomorrow

So for me it came down to 'why the phuck' do we wait then till a fatal diagnosis (which by the way we all have it's called LIFE and we all end up in the same spot we just do not know exactly when) but we live as if we are promised a long endless life. So again I was just struck numb by both of our FEAR's and worries over what came down to money.

How would we just pick up and leave or pick up and do this or that when our source of income is here or there, so how would it work and how would I do it? 

I mean this fear is in us all we have been programmed and then from that program we built our own prison! Which takes until our last breaths to break free from.

We sat there and made road block after road block as to why we "probably couldn't" we were not even certain, it was not at all reality just things we made up. Unreal! Excuse as to why we should just not bother trying.

Instead of having some of that child like blind faith, that trust, that belief.  That zest to live a life worth living!

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