We Are All The Same But Different #IYP

Ok as always I am talking about an eye opening conversation I had with a group of ladies today. Very open, very honest, and very deep with a lot of great points being brought up between all of us involved. This group of ladies happened to be close to retirement age and were, well let's say well off at this point in life, and I only mention that as an understanding towards the amount of time in a day available to them to research and campaign.

This type of conversation is nothing new to me and I am sure in the current political and just general state of the world it happens to be a hot topic so there is no doubt in my mind you have either been part of or witnessed this type of chat in your world as well.

It was your typical and I do not want to say environmental movement chat, but somewhat like that to be honest. These ladies were very adamant about the belief that there was to be absolutely zero development and as well restricted growth in the areas that they lived. I am and have been a visitor to this area for the last number of years for a few times a year and so as someone who travels there it got my attention.

Again this is nothing new, as to be honest in most parts of the world and especially in the most abundant, beautiful, and amazing places on this planet, this belief seems to be  even greater, and fair enough. Again these ladies had some valid point and these point which are echoed around the world do have some depth.

I also live in an area where this type of mentality is preached on the loud speaker. Yet the biggest source of growth and abundance in these areas is from tourism and development due to these visitors.

Anyway back to the point, and the point is we all came from somewhere else.

So I asked these ladies and I have done this back in my own area as well, so are you born and raised here, have you witnessed this massive change (which again is happening every where) and all the answers were the same. No, we have been here a couple years now, but this is getting out of control so we need to speak up.

My only beef here is this, there were the exact same type of people 10 years prior to these ladies arriving to what ever area they currently reside in saying the exact same thing that no one else should be able to live here full time, but yet they got in. So how is it ok that only after you or I get to these spots then after that it should be a no go zone?

To further that they also spoke about their vacation spots and other homes in 3rd world countries, and again I had to bring up the point, that they were doing the same thing in someone else home town. Raising property values on the local's as they increase the demand for development but by doing that creating abundance and economy in the area 

So in the end we are all the same but different.

Let's all keep an open mind to this amazing planet we live on!

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