Wallowing In Self Pity #IYP

After Yesterday's talk I am somewhat on a role of rant's but only to better understand the why behind some of these actions I am witnessing as of late. 

Also understand what we see is a chance for us to learn from and grow, and as well it can also be a mirror into our own reality. 

This is one of the things that concerns me with as an extension of yesterday's talk, are we really doing things for ourselves or are we doing them for others to think we are in a better place, or an influencer, or coach, or whatever, on social media?

How did I come to that conclusion? Well, let me tell you the story from today which as I talk about and write about still blows my mind as far as understanding where a persons head space must be at if one is truly looking for a pity party from others to then give credit to themselves for where they are at.

Now that is a mouthful!

I was invited into a closed course to review and to take part in one section of the course package, an area on ancient healing that the instructor thought could benefit me. So I jump on board to the group, and all its banter and chatter in the online forum. This type of message was not a one off either, it was almost (to me at least) a normal occurrence or acceptable behaviour. 

So certain people no matter male or female, and again this is in an education course (where you are meant to learn, grow and expand your health knowledge) in the question area's for trouble shooting on questions or formula's or whatever, people were no word of a lie posting video's of themselves talking about how bad their bad was, how they could not find the time for the homework, or the due paper, or whatever drama or pity party they needed to vent for all the others to weigh in on and to let all the others know where they stood and how they felt. 

Again this was the norm for sure. 

I had and still have a hard time understanding the point of the need to air your dirty laundry out, yes putting it out there for others to judge. Yet the reason after viewing this was really for the ones putting up the video to have other's feel sorry for them and then send their condolences which was in some way a form of fortifying the belief they hold as to why they can not do something. Looking for that positive reinforcement or excuse as to why one does not have to set the bar higher.

Honestly a very unique culture, and frame of mind. 

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