UnHappy At Work Should I Quit? #IYP

I mean tell me this does not ring true to almost every single human on this planet who is blessed enough to be in a country that having a job to earn a wage is a thing!

So last night I sat down for some me time, some information gathering time and what I did was I read a report on a 200 country study of happiness relating to jobs, and as well I watched a documentary on a young music artist that passed on. 

Both not at all related but yet through the vail of the matrix totally related!

So this study which took place over a 25 year period and over 200 hundred countries (so a pretty well rounded study) now we can always look deep enough into a study to find so reason as to why not to agree with the findings, but for the purpose of this show and to go with the overall vibe we have been feeding off her on the show, I will agree with this one!

Many question's were asked, many topics, many points of focus as to why each person was doing what they were and in a round about way the answer to each question was somewhat the same. Each of us is taught to be realistic, we are taught not to aim very high, we are taught we need to earn, we are taught following your dreams is a waist of time, and at a certain age (I think it was the mid to late 20) we should conform to the societal ways.

In a nutshell go watch the Matrix and each one of us has created our own Matrix which most of us never realize we built and we never break free of it.

We are doing this day to day task to make money to pay bills, to buy things and to one day retire (which is not at all a bad thing) but the balance of it all maybe the bad thing. We give up our healthiest, most active days, to work to earn, to feed the machine, to then in the so called golden years live off of what we did the 40 years prior. 

When you say it out loud, it's NUTS right!

If I speak for myself on here but there is a lot one could do to lessen the work road if you don't love what you do. We don't need all the fancy clothe's, car's, house's, meal's out, drink's, I mean once in a while but why keep up with the Jone's why not just spend as little as possible on the necessities and do more of what we actually enjoy?

It's just not something we are taught or we think of is it. Yet it seems so simple and easy. Obviously Not if 85% of us are this unhappy!

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