There Is Always Something To Be Grateful For #IYP

So almost as if I was channeling my great grand parents from the old country on today's show and talk, it is all about not being a little baby when dealing with the cards we are dealt in this amazing game called life.

From my Krav Maga training I was in a situation where the cards were not in my favour and I got taken down the wrong way and ended up with a few cracked ribs. Not the best feeling I have ever had (I am sure if you have experienced this then you know what I am going through) very difficult to breath, to move, to sit, to lay, and so on and so on. Trying to sleep is a nothing short of a pain in the butt to try to accomplish.

So I was told to go to the hospital to have all reviewed just in case there was an issue with the lungs. One of the reason's I did not want to go was I assumed they would push drugs on me (which was not at all the case) I could have taken them if I wanted but I said no and they said nothing further. 

As we all know when we go to a hospital (this is another reason I did not really want to go visit the emergency room) there are the long wait times to get to see a doctor, or get x rays, or get blood work, and so on and so on right! 

As always if you are an avid listener then you know that I (and you can as well) use every situation as a learning lesson and as a chance to improve.

So as I sat there in this waiting area that I was moved to, I could see into a trauma area and as well what looked like some type of special care or needs area. What I over heard and what I saw put so much into perspective.

This thing we call perspective I think is something that has been lost over the generations which is why this situation made me think of the old timers and old generations and how life must have been way back when and how mind set's must have been a whole lot different way back when.

So as I sat and waited (yes with some minor pain...poor wooooo me right) there were people who were getting much worse news, people in much worse pain, people with very serious conditions, people who were never going to leave again. This give's you what I like to call a reality check or wake up call. 

Perspective. Perspective. Perspective!

It made me think about my life's big picture and just how blessed I am for the knowledge I have about self care and mental awareness and the health I have and have had. 

Take a second to review how truly blessed we all are, good things come from being grateful!

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