Sugar the Silent Killer, What do we know? #IYP

So on today's show I have to speak up about the conversation I have found myself in this morning with 3 gentlemen or guys or dudes whatever, who are beyond smart when it comes to pretty much everything except when it came to the smart's about health.

So every morning on my month long healing retreat I wake up around 5 (ish) for a 6 am training call which last's around 90 minutes this includes body knowledge, stretching, weight's, and then a work out 'HIIT' style also known as Cross-fit. For the last 5 days there has been a group of highly highly intelligent group of guys 3 of them and I mean that type of uber smart that is next level their business's and investments where well above my brain power in understanding. Great group of guys and I am and have able to learn so much from them. Now to today's hot topic!

So they had taken me out for lunches and dinner the last few days and this morning I said breakfast is on me, let hit Brekki Bowls (which is a fruit base almost fruit smoothy base, then with fresh cut berries and or fruits on top with peanut butter and a few other toppings) this bowl is amazing, it is light, it is healthy, it is nutrition, it is straight from mother earth and made with love by the owner. So again I wanted to treat them to this beauty!

However the reaction by these highly intelligent guys absolutely blew my mind. The first words out of their mouth's was hey we are "Keto" (nothing against any diet style on my end and no judgement) and the next words were so we don't do sugar.
Which I was in full agreement with no sugar to me that means the crap the bleached, redefined, artificial, crap to me that makes sense? However to say to me anyway that fruit is just as bad as white sugar, I mean I was lost to be honest.

I asked these uber smart mofo's so you are telling me the body does not recognize the difference between a table spoon of white sugar aka death on the spoon and a hand-full of blueberries? To that they answered no it does not Sugar is Sugar.

This is one of the reason's for Ignite Your Purpose, we have to open belief's like this up to discussion because I just can not agree or understand that train of thought. Mother Nature did not make fruit's and veggies for no reason I fully believe from my knowledge they are here for us to eat to heal! 

Please let me know your thoughts on this

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