Put In The Work Stop The Fake #IYP

Ohh Boy another meeting and another disappointment on my end. Is anyone real anymore?

So with Ignite Your Purpose and HighWay 2 Change being both in the health area and this area being one of the trends or fades currently and maybe always for that matter, I tend to get some submission for chats or meetings to see if the parties involved can cross promote or aid one another and gain from that for each of their base of followers/tribe/community.

I spoke with a husband and wife team that had a very decent community going they were very smart, super nice and had a lot of experience and knowledge. So of course I said hell yes let's meet and see what magic we can work.

First of this was originally online so my only vision of them is what they presented on social media. Their picture's and video's were done professionally and always had the proper lights and (looking back now) the proper photo shopping and angles. Very well done site's and overall image and brand.

So when we sat down to meet I was immediately taken back at their appearance (not that there is anything wrong with how they looked) but it was not what they were selling or preaching online so in my opinion this is false advertising. Which was why I had that reaction that I did. I found it truly hard to listen to what they were telling me (which in all honesty was good information).

So they do custom meal plans for high level athletes and trainers, and to see how fake it all was just, well it was like a kick in the groin, I felt taken.

What do I mean by that? Well if you want me to buy your plan and you say look at me and how I eat, you can look like this as well by doing what I am doing, but the owners are actually NOT DOING what they are selling. Man Oh Man!

The wife (who was beautiful and really nice) had plastic surgery and not that, that matters if you feel you need to look younger fine, but to have had lypo suction in a field were each one of us bleeds and sweats every day fighting tremendously hard for that extra inch everyday to be a little better than we were yesterday, well her way seems like a heck of a lie and let down to the ones following. Just dishonest and I could not put my name behind it.

Same with the man, all the pictures of him made him look very in shape and probably 10 years younger than he was, but I mean he was at a minimum 50-60 pounds overweight. Again there is nothing wrong with that to me....unless you are selling the dream to other's that if they follow your system or course or brand or whatever the F^%K, and you are mis leading them by doctored pictures and re shaping your stomach and face area when posting, UNACCEPTABLE

Please team do your research and don't fall pray to anyone just trying to take your money!

We talk Longevity through a Healthy lifestyle, a mix of Mental, Physical and Spiritual knowledge, the Mind, Body Soul trifecta - Negative 2 Positive Everyday 


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