Nothing Changes Until You Do #IYP

A little bit of a rant today but this rant comes from a place of love, truly.

I got this same type of talking to when I was starting out in soto zen and mindfulness studies. Every time I had an aha moment in the first few weeks and months, I fully believed I was a changed human, but 10 plus years later I now understand that, this is not the case what so ever.

What has been coming up for me in my circle and business as of late, from a lot of people is this belief that after a very short time in or on this new path they are on, that all is changed and everything is beyond perfect and life is amazing. If this was truly the case I mean I would applaud them and ask them to write a book, but as with anything in life once you have been there and done that, then you understand what it is that is truly happening.

What is actually happening at the beginning of any process is that Puppy Love stage right, you know what I am talking about. It all feels kind a warm and fuzzy, very thing is exciting, so new, different, and at that point it's very easy to over look numerous things.

So ya it's Puppy Love (which by the way is a good thing) any step in this direction of bettering ones self is beyond on point from my point of view.

Here is where it get's sloppy though if we are not called out on our B.S or held accountable by those whom we are on this journey with. You fall off quickly, say it was a bunch of garbage that doesn't work and go back to your old ways. A lot of diet's work this way. 

There are so many ways to look at all the fu fu crap that get's passed around, but some of it is that let's hug all the tress and love everything because I am now so in tune with the vibrations of the universe (which again can happen) but after a 1 day course? Let's be real here. 

This stuff takes real work, to break a program you have been running for over 10-20 years does not just stop after a few hours. If it does, well that is really amazing, however if we don't work on the beliefs, item's, emotions, and patterns that got us there (the spot we want to better ourselves from), then we maybe very likely to fall back into that original program and hard wire that we grew up on. Which we will then reinforce and hard wire in even harder because we gave up on or failed due to lack of understand on this new path....and that is a very sad spot and sad thing to witness in another human trying to get on a better path. 

I think of addicts who try over and over again to get clean, not an easy thing to do at all. It's a challenge at time's not a walk in the park with sunshine and rainbow's 24/7.

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