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So when I first decided to go all in, on this podcast,vlog thing I asked to interview 2 very very cool business owner's here on the island of Maui in Hawaii. They agreed, that was a full year ago, the first interview was with a Hot bad ass mama named Hollie. It has been a full year since that interview and what I have seen change for her in her business and how I have seen her mental change is next next level!

It is something I wish to capture and share in another follow up interview with her, but for the time being to speak on the massive up's the massive down's (I mean massive down's) then the power one feels after overcoming something that you felt could have beaten you. You know what I mean, those times when you just feel like giving up, that what's the point feeling, I have been there and although it may not last long, it's still a terrible spot to be in, necessary but a terrible spot to be.  

But guess what - you /we don't let it beat us, hell no, we beat it, and that feel's like nothing none of us have ever felt like before. It is what I personally think each one of deserve's to feel and enjoy, I wish this upon you as well as myself

We talk Longevity through a Healthy lifestyle, a mix of Mental, Physical and Spiritual knowledge, the Mind, Body Soul trifecta - Negative 2 Positive Everyday 


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