Go Pro 7 - Ignite Your Purpose #IYP
A review of a review by Casey Neistat - we at Ignite Your Purpose are looking to improve and take our vlog as well as podcast to the next level. So we have been looking at camera's, microphone's, stabalizers the whole 9 yards really.
John happend to see the new Hero 7 black by GoPro in the London airport. From there he watched as did I a few reviews here on Youtube about the functionality of this new GoPro.
I have the version 4 of this camera and I think it is pretty great for certain things, however vlogging was not one of them.
So after all the info we have currently and the price point this is more than likely our new toy of choice!

We talk longevity through a healthy lifestyle, a mix of mental physical and spiritual knowledge. The mind Body soul trifecta ~ Negative to Positive Everyday ~


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