IYP Daily Question 185

Negative Bias - Ignite Your Purpose #IYP 185
Sometimes we simply get caught in the web of negative bias, our own bias in the negative or somebody else's - a conversation begins we hit a subject and before we know it its trash talk, how we can't and it will never be.
I had this experience today and it required some serious will power and mindfulness to stay true to my approach and my positive attitude.
My drill goes a little something like this. I say something negative and I have 30 seconds to come up with a positive - I say something negative about a person I immediately need to find three positives about that person.
Its so easy and sometimes we feel dread of saying a positive comment for fear of a negative reply, or ridicule for being the positive person in the room.
What can we do to strengthen our resolve to the 24/7 negativity 365 days 360 degrees all around us.

Max and JB lay it out thick

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