IYP Daily Question 169

National Vegan Day - Ignite Your Purpose #IYP 169
Today is National Vegan Day, the title is a big give a way, but what is this and how does it affect Max and I and all of you. Being Vegan is a way of life, a cause and a passion for some but begause being Vegan is the next big thing besides CBD oil we are all having Vegan shoved in our faces.
Ok I (JB) am a Vegan - technically I'm WFPB (whole food plant based) which has a lot of simialaraties one of which is this - you can still be vegan, eat no real food - thats right junk - WFPB does not say o meat fish or dairy, just limiting it and heres the kicker as close as you can go for those products as close to wild as possible.
I'll continue in the show, no idea what Max is going to say but for sure you will find out real soon.

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