IYP Daily Question 160

Embracing Change - Ignite Your Purpose #IYP 160
How do we embrace the change? Sometimes we just have to flow with it...well at least that is what we think after a 2 week intense crash course in it. So how did we start embracing the change?

We looked at it from the point of view of 2 child like mind's, remember back when-those times when we just woke up and played all day and all night. If it were not for a parent we would probably forget to eat, because we were so into every moment that time did not seem to exists!

We tapped into that, because we did have hard plans that had to be followed in a finite time frame as we only have so much time together at this point. So we had all these plans to do this that and the next thing. We both thought that more than likely if we did not get these things done then it would be a failure for us both (this is obviously past programming).

However to our surprise by allowing ourselves to flow...to go with whatever came up in the day, by meeting the Universe half way (by that we mean we didn't sit down and watch movies all day dreaming magic would happen)...magic did happen we ended up having very massive, deep and relevant conversations, we learned massive knowledge in certain sit down's and because we just allowed I personally feel our creativity went through the roof!

We talk Longevity through a Healthy lifestyle, a mix of Mental, Physical and Spiritual knowledge, the Mind, Body Soul trifecta - Negative 2 Positive


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