IYP Daily Question 157

Stepping It Up - Ignite Your Purpose 157 #IYP
Stepping it up, in as many areas of your life as you wish by looking towards and contacting those people you admire, you respect. Those who have been successful.
Call it a mastermind group, or a virtual mastermind group, peers, mentors, leaders whatever you want,

If we choose to hang with, or can find people within these categories we tend to migrate to their way of thinking and being, we become the mean of these people.
If we hang out with nine poor people we settle at their level of wealth or their approach to life.

If we hang with nine wealthy people, or nine multi millionaires whilst there is no guarantee that we will become a millionaire there is a good chance we will sway towards their way of thinking. We will become wealthier in regards to money but also our approach to money that it is not a scarce commodity, to their attitudes on attaining success
We today discuss how we have been upping our own social circles and with that our levels of belief, or technical skills but also lifting those people we speak to through our energy and drive to be better and to reach the top.

We talk Longevity through a Healthy lifestyle, a mix of Mental, Physical and Spiritual knowledge, the Mind, Body Soul trifecta - Negative 2 Positive


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