IYP Daily Question 154

Mental Challenges - Ignite Your Purpose #IYP 154
Ignite Your Purpose sometimes comes across one or two mental challenges during their day. Difficult tasks, problems galore!

It's a part of the process - stepping up - getting uncomfortable with the unknown and the new and diving into the world of learning which therefore helps us to grow to growing. we start being unconsciously incompetent at a new tak then we learn that we become conscious about being incompetent - input some learning which leads us to be consciously competent and then that becomes unconscious again and its just what we do.

And all of this learning happens when it is difficult and we sometimes choose to stop and give up.
We Max and I step up to the mark, mostly but not always.

Today I met a couple of girls on a plane who had planned an expedition across to the other side of the globe, a flight into one of the most challenging airports (airstrips more accurately) in the world with two weeks trekking to Everest basecamp.
Now this is no small challenge and requires ingenuity, research decision making and more.
They are both in the health business and although they said they should try and do more for their own health, more than the occasional Meatless Monday but said its too difficult and too hard so why bother?
I don't see any difference with these two mental challenges other than the will to apply some time and effort into learning beyond the headlines.
Max and I discuss why we do and why we don't.......

We talk longevity through a healthy lifestyle, a mix of mental physical and spiritual knowledge. The mind Body soul trifecta ~ Negative to Positive EveryDay~


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