IYp Daily Question 151

Good Cop Bad Cop - Ignite Your Purpose #IYP 151
The more we make ourselves do something we do not really want to do, or allow ourselves to suffer, the more we create a license to take poor choices, or behaviours that don't align with our goals.
So, 30 minutes on a treadmill suffering, it was horrible, I didn't enjoy it whatsoever, and by the time we leave the changing room, we have already made the choice!

A double caramel latte, a #Bigmac and fries, or similar, the very thing we had removed from our lives with a view to attaining a fitness or weight loss goal. We remove it then reward ourselves, its freaking insanity.
We may have burnt 300 calories but this flips straight into 1000 calories going straight back on your ass.

Don't give me a BUT I........ cos it will go straight back on your butt........
We all join the gym, and mostly never achieve anything other than getting poorer, woking our way through a list of the next 'big thing trainers' be that training with them or sleeping with them, or both. And the online equivalents

Mind over matter, attitude, willpower all spring to mind and so often do not work except for the 2% that are wired that way.
What if its a disconnect between trying to do something at a high level but with an amateur attitude.

We all want to be experts at will power but we are not educated how to do it. We all try to be experts in health and fitness but most are pretty amateur.
I talk about breaking it down to baby steps, bite size chunks. 

We talk longevity through a healthy lifestyle, a mix of mental physical and spiritual knowledge. The mind Body soul trifecta ~Negative To Positive Everyday~

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