IYP Daily Question 148

International Podcast Day - Ignite Your Purpose #IYP

148 International Podcast Day - Can you believe it a whole day dedicated to Podcasts. If we go back 10 years they almost did not exsist and now there is a freaking day to celebrate them. The internet is a miracle, we can now have even more on our own schedule, tv, movies, sport, we don't even have to leave the house to shop, and we can do that without even typing.

Never have we had so much information and knowledge at the tips of our fingers, but at the same time our knowledge base reduces, our ability to communicate and to be human continues to reduce.

Yesterday we rambled about privacy, the lack of it, or the lack of consideration we have whilst sharing on social media. Although ultimately I think we all lose perspective on what the internet is, how much of a miracle it is that we can listen to podcasts 24/7 anywhere in the world.

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We talk longevity through a healthy lifestyle, a mix of mental physical and spiritual knowledge. The mind Body soul trifecta ~Negative to Positive Everyday ~

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