IYP Daily Question 142

Monday Mood - Ignite Your Purpose #IYP - 142

We talk longevity through a healthy lifestyle, a mix of mental physical and spiritual knowledge. The mind Body soul trifecta Negative to Positive everyday !

Why is there a Monday Mood for most of us most weeks )I'm generalising). Do we lack Monday Motivation so much Possibly because we put time and effort and thoughts into not wanting it to arrive. We celebrate the weekends so much and dislike Mondays. Almost like we are wishing parts of our lives away - the weekdays (especially Monday) and living for the weekend.

Max and I today throw our thoughts on the subject and try to share our opinions on how to dilute those feelings. If we are all just living for the weekend, then we are wishing and waisting away something like 70% of our life...let that sink! Time to make a change and start loving every minute of our life!!



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