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Breath Easy - Ignite Your Purpose #IYP 140

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The breath, ultimately it's all we need!

From meditation to physical training to singing to rest, relaxing and healing the breath is the base for it all.

Yet so many of us if not all of us really either do not know how to breath or we have forgotten how to breath.

What do we mean by that...well watch a new born baby breath. We as adult's do not breath like that anymore. A lot of this issue has to do with our society and the fact that we are all under low lying stress which effect's our breathing.
Meaning most adult's are upper chest breathing, which mean's we do not use our diaphragm, and by not using our full intake of air or the diaphragm we are not relaxing the central nervous system, so our bodies think we are constantly in danger, fight or flight (which is that constant low lying stress). Which in turm lead's to more issue's.

We do our bodies, nervous system, and overall health and age a massive dis service by breathing this way.

Do a simple test, pay attention to yourself and how you feel currently...now take 3 deep breath's in (making sure you're belly rise's up) then release that breath slowly. Just 3 times in and 3 times out. You should be able to feel a difference that quick.

We spoke about some people we study from;

https://youtu.be/PZP51FtBP0M (Brain Rose and Londreal - Steve Maxwell)


https://www.richroll.com/podcast/the-iceman-wim-hof/ (Rich Roll and Wim Hof)

https://www.mossamo.com (blog,music,podcast,vlog)

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