IYP Daily Question 139

Whats Newsworthy - Ignite Your Purpose #IYP 139

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Bert and Ernie and Kylie Jenner were in the new' s today or trending in the new's today on all social media platforms!

Wow, what can we say other than that boggles my mind. We have Un explored sea's the universe may actually be the multi verse, we have up to 12 other realms being discovered, billion's of galaxies, the DNA strands we know nothing about, the brain we only use 3-10% of and the final fact that we do not even know what each one of us is capable of. We do not even know what is inside of us as far as energies and knowledge.

Yet it would appear that we are more interested in being slaves to what other people who are "super star's" on TV or Social Media are doing in their lives?

What is so important that the masses always look up to those whom we perceive to be in-some type of power. That could be Religion, King's, Queen's, Movie Star's, Royalty...and so on. Do we feel we are less than? Do we find our day to day life and or struggle that boring or non important that we place these type of people, places, and issues on a pedestal?

So John and myself put our 2 cent's in on why we take the main stage new's item's as important when maybe just maybe we are being re directed to item's which may be dumbing us down!????

Just our thoughts!

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