IYP Daily Question 138

Ignite Your Purpose #IYP - Episode 138
We talk longevity through a healthy lifestyle ~ a mix of mental physical and spiritual knowledge ~ The mind Body soul trifecta ~ Neagative To Positive ~ Better Everyday
Were Human after all....
Frustration from my ace boom Mr John Barrett today lead to this amazing conversation which is something each and every one of us face when trying, learning or doing something new. It even happen's when we least expect it.
It's how we deal with it that makes all the difference in the world. I spoke about the well known story of the baby who is crawling but learning to walk(which by the way each one of us did). Now at no point did any one of us say "well this is try number 209 of walking, I just do not think I will get it, so I will keep crawling then."
Not even close, we just enjoyed the journey and moved on.
From there (as in life) we then learned to balance well, maybe run, then we learned to jump, skip , hop on one leg and so on.
The progression just keep's on going on, yet as we age I think we get to a point where we forget that we actually never GET THERE~
Everything keep's changing and evolving and what we may have mastered yesterday may be old new's tomorrow...so we then have to re learn.
Jocko Willink say's frustration is just an excuse or a fear! Something we use to put off or maybe even use as a reason to quit!
There is not quit on team #IYP we just learn, and fail forward day after day! I know the team listening feels the same way~
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