IYP Daily Question 137

Ignite Your Purpose #IYP - Episode 137

We talk longevity through a healthy lifestyle ~ a mix of mental physical and spiritual knowledge ~ The mind Body soul trifecta ~ Neagative To Positive ~ Better Everyday

Routine over Data

So we read a study that came out about the #human #mind. A very straight forward study that simply stated the obvious for us all.

This study at it's most basic form said this in a nut shell and in the most non #scientific words I can come up with; if we have been repeating a habit, belief or behaviour for so long that it's now 110% woven into our own personal DNA and fabric of life, that no matter the studies the fact's the proof that can be supplied to get us to change our mind's as to the habit, belief or behaviour we display. Almost 100% of the time we will not want to change our ways to fit this new information!

Let that sink in..

Example; My great grandparents, my grandparent, my parents, my self and now my children eat and have always eaten chocolate bars for breakfast...
Information comes out to say that maybe this is taking years of your life, causing illness X,Y and Z, and all these other issue's.

We and by we...most of us would rather put our head in the sand and continue on with "what we know to be our way" what we perceive to be the truth, then to change what may not be truth.

This would then cause us to have to look at what we have believed to be truth as not truth and shaking our inner reality to the core....


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