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Ignite Your Purpose #IYP Episode 136

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Committing to...

So after yesterday's show we had some comment's and feedback from some of the listener's on this feeling "what if you are not 100% committed or not all in on the thing we may or may not want to commit to?"

So John Barrett and myself thought it would be a good idea to focus on that motion, that concern the feeling that yes we do want to commit but are unsure if it's really want we want.

There were a few different topic's that came up, that of schooling (Universities), that of a job, and the last one of love.

So for myself when I 110% committed to my health...I was all in there was NO PLAN B! For me it was the long game, and I made sure I understood there was NO turning back.
We could look at that as a scary thing, something that put's us in a box or does not allow us to eat or live like "normal people." Or we can look at it like a million new door's just opened up for us and a new world just appeared for us!

If you are with the man or women of your dream's the person you want to grow old with the person you want to share everything with, then we must be (and most likely want to be) 110% committed to that person and relationship. However if we are with someone who is just so so to us, or is just not who we see our self with, then do we really see a 110% commitment to that person? Or would we just be there until the next best thing come's along? Sort of wasting time...

At that point we are doing a dis services to ourselves and those around us by half assing a commitment instead of ending that said item and looking for or moving towards our true want's.

It would be extremely difficult to commit to something we are just not that into~

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