It Get's Better With Time, If You Work At It #IYP

So on today's show I go over some recent number's from a few different studies or better yet one study that break's down into a bunch of different area's, meaning it follows the rabbit down the rabbit hole.

Without going into all the details and in the show I go over a few of the numbers but to get an overall picture this is what the reports said;

A very small percent of the population in North America is Physically Fit, from there they took it to the fact that the people whom are fit, physically and there for more often then not mentally (not always the case) as well tend to out perform their work colleges by a certain percent, which then broke down into a work week of 10 - 12 hours more hours worked, or faster tasks accomplished, or more productivity in general and that amount being 1.5 days.

I had to put my 2 cents in remembering all about the construction site's, work place site's, studio session's, and on and on where I can personally agree with the statements as facts. You can take into consideration so many factors but most of the time the proof is in the pudding, those kicking ass where just happier and fitter than the other's (not 100% of the time but almost)

The next thing they got into was some of the staggering numbers of people who are retired that are dependent on some form of pharmaceutical drug and the #1 being diabetes. They continued to break that down to how long they had been on the drug and how their physical health correlated.

The thing we want to try to get across (on our show) is that there is no age limit on getting healthy or more fit or a better mental outlook. The body wants to be better and go longer we just need to give it and get it direction. This from the food we ingest, to the way we treat ourselves to the amount of exercise we get. All of this can be improved on day after day. 

I speak about some of the guys I train with that inspire me the most, and they are the ones still kicking ass well into their 50's and 60's (some only starting in their 60's) who just get better, happier and fitter with each day that passes! 

So amazing

We talk Longevity through a Healthy lifestyle, a mix of Mental, Physical and Spiritual knowledge, the Mind, Body Soul trifecta - Negative 2 Positive Everyday

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