Is it Epidemic or Scamdemic The 2020 Debate
Something we need to start to understand is the Spartan Mentallity~ I do not say this half assing it. Look what is happening to men in these times, yes I mean a good portion of the grown men still living at home with mommy and daddy. How in general men are being raised (again not all but we are speaking the majority).
I personally feel it will be the empowered women who take us to the next level, and again I use the word EMPOWERED very very highly!
So if we can just meet in the middle, if we can just hold our tongue and pause before we react to what is being said out loud by others who may not agree with what it is we think it correct. On the flip side if the other people can just pause and try to understand that it is ok to have different thoughts. It is ok to have different ideas, this is part of being HUMAN.
It does seem now more than ever that there are only ever going to be 2 teams and that we must pick a side...but I dont agree with that, we must take all sides and then make an informed path and plan moving forward!
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