Ice Bath Challenge and I Failed #IYP

To think of greatness and to be humbled, we have all seen it play out in boxing, mma, and most sporting events. You have someone talking that great talk that they are at the top, unbeatable, no one can stop them and then after the event they fall from grace, loose, and or are defeated. Facts this is life and at that point we either have 2 options learn from it and prosper or become a sore loser and never be able to get over it.

This is what went down for me today during the Ice Bath Challenge put on at our local box. Not any type of event where there was anything on the line or anything to be won. However in my mind there was, well maybe not won but in my head I was like I got this, this is going to be a walk in the park and the others will be impressed with my mind strength. For me with my background in Soto Zen, Krav, and Cross-fit I had zero doubt about my mental strength and was almost thinking it would be easy. 

This is because when it comes to the cold, for one I live in the cold and train in the cold, I have cold showers all the time and also I have jumped many times into lakes in the Canadian spring time when those lakes are to put it best friggin freezing! So ya I was confident. 

As I watched others jump into the ice bath and make it look like they had done this many times over most staying in for a minimum of 3 minutes, while other's pretty much feel asleep and looked very comfortable to say the least I awaited my turn while enjoying the sun. 

Ok my turn, I dip a toe in and ya wow its cold, I put a leg in, and I am kinda blown away with the pain already, 2 legs and I start to sit. At this point I am huffing and puffing as this is knocking me out with pain. I sit down and submerge myself and at this point I am breathing out of control and in total pain. I calm my breathing down and sit...I jump out 

It's been 20 seconds. What the F$$K I say to myself, let's shake it off, and I go again with the exact same results. I rest and repeat. A total of 6 time's I do this with a total of only 20 seconds max staying in the water. 

A total bust, failure, humbling go at the ice bath. 

Here is where I feel for myself the growth aspect from Meditation comes in. I was humbled but in a really good way the kind of way that made me smile on the inside. Not damaged from my ego by failure but impressed that I still have so much more to grow. Starting to understand that we each really have no clue in general of the big picture and all we can do is our best today with the knowledge and tools we have. So much more growth to do, which I can now look at with excitement and understand that this is a truly amazing place to be. 

Stagnation would mean death for the human soul.

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