How To Overcome The Negative Influence of Others
Why Do we let others Dim our Light? Why do we let others opinions influence who we are and how we act and interact with others? Why do we let society police our behaviours and actions?
This is something I continue daily asking myself and continue daily working on for my self to continue to elevate into the person I am meant to be and am becoming.
Even after all these years of training and looking inwards and overcoming all the programming (sorry still trying to overcome) and all the pre hardwiring in my mind, I have found myself down playing my actions and who I am to either please, appease and or keep the peace with others I have chosen to work with, be around or partnered up with.
I say this out loud to myself and each one of you, UNACCEPTABLE! This Is No Way To LIVE - Life is to short to Dim YouR LIGHT for anyone...ever...PERIOD!
If they do not respect you enough, or respect who you are, then why would any of us ever choose to be around them???
It's them who are fearful, worried and care about what others think, so they use that fear to try to influence us into the NORAML BOX, that they have accepted!
F that and F them!! NEVER EVER STOP BEING YOU!!
With Love~
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