How To Be Your Best Self #IYP

Do we really want to be our best self? Or is it just to much work?

Have we become to civilized?

Have we become to comfortable with what we have?

Have we succumb to the fear of loosing what we have?

I personally think from self talk, self study, mindfulness studies, and self realization that all of the above and more are correct. The one thing that I do know for sure for myself is that something is always pushing me, and or directing me towards (I want to say happiness or purpose or some time of drive or enjoyment)

So for example there was a time and I talk about this a lot when I was off social media when I was not really creating and not really producing much. I mean I was still doing it but I mean just the bare bones.

I would not say that I was depressed in those times as I am blessed to be living the life I have created, however and this is a big thing to understand once you get that inner awareness and what I was being told and what I felt in my bones each morning when I woke was this "something is missing", something was off, I was not fulfilled I think that maybe the best way to state it. Even though I had and have a lot to be grateful for, there was a void.

At that particular time to be honest I was not sure exactly what it was that I was missing. Looking back on it now I can with 110% confidence say that I was not following my passion, my dreams, or my purpose (as I understand it at this point in time)

So from a soul point of view I was super off course, and if you want to call it spirit, energy, universe, god, but my higher self was trying its best to get me back on course.

It took some time, it took a lot of inner work, and then it took myself getting myself motivated to work because this shit ain't easy, it takes time, knowledge, dedication, rejection...and on and on. 

This is why I said at the beginning that once we become comfortable, bougi, civilized, high end, snobby, and the best of the best lazy, it is all over and then we start to like I did live a life of just auto pilot, until we get to a point of it being to late and then we live with regrets until we die. 

A few of the mentors I have in my corner whom are later in life one is an investor who does not need more money, but he also tells me he does not need to be playing golf or laying on the beach 24/7. His goal now with his incomes is to give back to those starting up their businesses, and he reiterated that laying around doing nothing was not his calling and it also was putting him into a slump. So he changed his mindset and listened to his heart, he knew his purpose and passion and continued to follow it even when he did not need to be doing it anymore! 

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