Health Is The Most Important Thing In Life #IYP

There are times you just vibe with someone, times when it seems as if someone or something put that person in front of you, like it was meant to be! This is what happened to me today and in this 2 hour conversation I made a life long friend and now I know it was the universe that placed this guy in my face today.

It started out as small talk (which I can only do for a short time) but this quickly went deep, into a whole bunch of topics that are near and dear to my heart.

Looking back on this, it's almost as if I was talking to myself 20 years in the future (probably the age difference between us) and I was answering my own questions, concerns and putting to sleep some of the doubts and fears that we all hold near and dear to our inner hearts and mind. That's me looking at it from another angel which is also kinda blowing my mind.

Ok back to it. This guy lived the rock star lifestyle "Drug's Sex and Rock and Roll" he owned business that the famous hung out at, was friends with all the right people and was making money hand over fist. 

I do not want to go to deep into that side of it as it was somewhat confidential, but it was the sort of story where you say "oooh I wish I did that or had that as well". Yet he said he was at the top of the mountain and then he lost it all. So he fell form grace, and he could not believe and did not understand how everyone left his side at that time. We have all heard these stories before, rite!

He then climbed his way back up the mountain almost 10 years after the fall, yes it took him that long to try to get back to where he was. Yes, he learned a lot and did not make the same mistakes ever again, and looking back at it with me a younger buck still trying to get where he wants to go. 

How I explained that was; I am amazed and grateful for all that I have and have accomplished but I am no where near where I want to be or am going!

This is what he told me when he was my age he thought it was Wealth on the top of his to do or want list.

He said looking back at it all the high's the low's the up's the down's he said it should always be like this 1. Health 2. Happiness 3. Love 4. Wealth

I kid you not this conversation was like a parenting session and honestly made me feel at ease. I hope this show helps you out a little on seeing what it is that is the MOST IMPORTANT

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