Healing Vacation Healing Retreat - Why?#IYP

So time after time, year after year, they keep breaking my balls with the wtf is  a healing vacation question. It's something I coined about 4 years back when we decided to skip out on Christmas and instead the gift we gave ourselves was a vacation away from it all. The stress, the holiday rush, the pissyness, the money spending for no reason, the over eating, the over drinking, the over indulgence, the selfishness of people wanting your time with them instead of other relatives. Basically we felt like the meaning of Christmas meter was a little broken in todays world.

We took a leap of faith and went away from it all for the holiday's and we treated ourselves to health (now at the time we did not do that on purpose) the universe sort of met us half way. We had a small budget to spend on ourselves and along the way we meet people who did certain things like message, or ran a day spa, or held stretching/yoga classes on the beach, or did sound bath healing, I mean it was endless and we started trying some of the things here and there.

One thing we also (not by choice but due to circumstance) was we were in bed super early like by 730-830 every night and up at the crack of ass every morning to work out by 6 am with this amazing coach we ended up meeting and then training with daily. That cycle was new to us and I mean that was a life changer as well.

The food, well we had always been disciplined but we then took it to the next level and decided to treat ourselves with only the best, most nutritious, healthiest possible choices we could find (again the universe met us half way by providing us with impromptu meeting on the beach with restaurant owners who just happen to be either vegan, whole food plant based, organic farm, organic meat)

So that was our first toe dip into the world of healing vacations. Now at the time we were running away from Christmas, but if you believe that everything happens for a reason then you like me would understand and believe that we were actually running towards self appreciation, and self healing. Again that was 4, 5 years ago now, and what started off as a one off run away from family has lead to a twice a year month long healing getaway!

I honestly hope each and every one of you gives it a try, if you need any tips let me know!

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