Fat is the New Skinny, is this True? #IYP

So we talk about in this episode the fact that My man Joe Rogan addressed the magazine issue with the bigger girl on the cover, and the reason this came into my reality is that this same magazine was brought into the gym where I was working out by this beautiful female couple. Now the one girl wanted to start up this amazing lifestyle we call healthy and we also involve cross-fit into it. 

Now her other half had the magazine in hand and was and continued through the entire orientation and class referring to this magazine as the new bible and how big/fat was the future and that working out and healthy was sorta a thing of the past. This was a massive eye opener for me, as I watched one human being wanting to better herself, feel better, look better, think better, be stronger while her soul mate was bamboozled into thinking because there was a big and by the way sexy women on the cover of a magazine that it was ok to be that way. To stay being big, and unhealthy because you saw it on a paper somewhere one time, and yes I personally do believe they will continue to push this simply because they want us to be unhealthy because I personally think that there is more money in it for cooperations to have the population Un healthy but that's just me.

So it is something I feel had to be talked about is this right to be pushing a Un proven lifestyle so that we as a people can continue to be lazy and unmotivated about our health, because yes this is not easy work, but again from experience nothing will ever taste as good as healthy feels #FACTS!!

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