Excuses To Get Out Of Things #IYP

I continue on today all about the lesson's the universe continues to provide myself through others and my own actions and reactions! Fascinating stuff, really!

The topic today is this new found rant vibe I am on, which I feel is because these topics are so near and dear to my heart, having gone through them, or going through them and either learning or failing forward but not giving up!

After a few message's that all had the same sort of tone today this last one I read said it all and took me back to a place I know all to well. 

For those who don't know part of my story (the excuse of social media part) is that I was off it for about 7 years, not at all on it using it to promote myself my music or my shows. WTF! 

The reason being that because 1-It was a hard thing to learn and 2 - some outside influences told me that it was a bad thing. I personally took that as my scape goat as to why I could use that excuse to get off it, and then lay blame about how things were not happening to or for me.

So I got this message today, then a follow up on all their social media pages on how they were getting off social media and then listed a slew of reason (all of which were bad and for those bad reason's they then again blamed it all on the social media not their own personal habit's).

This kinda rocked me, like why if you were truly done with being online would you announce it to the world? The next one for me is if you do find it let's say consume's to much of your time, why would you not limit it to certain times or days or whatever? Why would you blame it for you being on it to much?

Again for this we are not talking about selfies, and food photo's, we are talking about social media as a marketing and branding tool. 

Yes, it is hard and yes this takes hard work, and yes this does not happen over night, just like anything else in life. And for all those reason's we want to blame something like social media or "the man," whom ever is "holding us down from success" and so we quit.

We really think that the easier road now will not lead to the regrets and bitterness later on in life.

It's simple we either pay now or we pay later...that is a FACT! The choice however is our's! 

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