Energy Manifestation, And Why It Matters #IYP

I mean the lesson's are everywhere if we just open our eye's to them and admit to ourselves that we truly don't have all the answer's and basically that we don't really know sweet F all about anything pretty much. So every chance is a chance to learn and improve and if we start looking at it like that well then sky is the limit!

So on today's show I wanted to discuss the power of our energy and intent. Ok I know that is sorta out there on the fu fu wu wu scale but I personally experienced it again today and have to share it with you because there was no way this was not exactly related to the energy and intent a group of us were putting out and how it affected a group completely separate from us, but very close to our vicinity. This was not a maybe or kinda sorta it was fully measurable and obvious to all to experience. 

It's Christmas Eve and the hustle and bustle is real, we are finishing a work out with 30 plus people and the area we are in is busy as there are a ton of people maybe another 20 plus waiting in line for some fruit bowl at the stand in front of the gym, as well just a lot of people hanging out and talking. 

A group of us were asked by a yoga teacher if we wanted to do a stretch out, relax and mediation session for around 30-45 minutes, and there was about 12 of us who took up this amazing offer. 

Now as we started the noise level must have been 12 on a scale of 1-10. We could barley hear what the instructor was saying that is how loud the voices were from people just doing what people do. As you all know (or some may not) I am very practiced at awareness so this is something I focused on immediately, how I was taking internally getting into a relaxed state while it was like a dance party 15 feet away from us. This is something we focus in on in our class because any one of us should be able to get into a relaxed meditative spot no matter what is going on (think of loud crying babies on an airplane and all you want to do is sleep). There is a reason we truly focus all efforts on our internal not the external.

So again this was why I was fixated on this issue from the beginning. So this light relaxing music get put on as well very very low, we can just barley hear it, the instructor has not changed the level of her voice and continues to talk in this soft relaxing soothing speak while we hold these hold, stretches, poses and take these very deep slow breaths which is putting us into this much deeper state of relaxation. We are now maybe 8 minutes in, and I continue to put some attention on the noise level of the crowd, almost allowing it to relax me as well. 

At this point I notice the noise level going down to a 9, I can hear the music clearly now, and am not missing anything the instructor is saying. At this point she is pushing us more and more into breath work and holding lighter easier poses for longer. This again taking us even deeper into relaxation, myself personally at this point I am starting to get into a very deep relaxed state, you know when you just begin to feel like jelly.

We hold this pose for maybe 5 minutes, no words from the instructor, just 12 of us taking long deep breaths, with a pause then deep exhales so breathing is all you hear mixed with this light relaxing spa type music in the speakers. After those 5 minutes the crowd is no longer yelling just talking like any one of us would in a work place, the kids do not seem to be as hyped up the yelling and obnoxious laughing has gone. I start thinking that everyone can feel the change happening. I find this to be a very cool experience at this point. I fully know the energy has been subdued.

It get's even better, we are now eyes close laying down and asked to meditate no more holding poses or stretches, just eyes closed, almost sleep time. While the instructor does some visualization talking. Again I am paying attention not only the internal but the external, I am internally jello, gone, relaxed and astute with my meditation while paying attention to the crowd. Now because my eyes were closed I thought that the crowd had almost all gone, I did not hear anything so much so that the music seemed kinda loud and at this point the instructor was whispering to us. So I just assumed there were very few people left out there.

As we open our eyes and come out of this little enjoyable relax time, I turn around to see that there is still a lot of people outside. Enjoying their fruit bowls in almost absolute silence, just being present with the sun the air and the taste of the fruit. Nothing else added or needed.

For me one of the coolest experience of the power of group energy and how it effects every thing around us!

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