Doing Good Deeds For Others #IYP

On today's show I go over how it truly is the small things that make a massive change in this world. The change comes from within to make the change on the outside or our exterior world.

So I was at the beach I had been on a long walk up and down the beach and how I do that is a slower style walk where I pay attention to every step I make how the air feels, when I move a foot upwards, how the sand feels in and on my toes and feet, and how the water interacts with all the movements. In those moments all you do is pay attention to your movement and by default you end up paying attention to your surroundings. This is also Known as a walking meditation.

From there I went into a sitting meditation again just listening to the water and wind as well as all the happenings around me, this is where I really began to notice all the complaining, anger, snappiness, short tempers and yelling that was happening with from what I heard was a lot of families and the parents dealing with the children. There was a lot of back and forth between the parents and the kids it did not seem like happy vibes and or energies I was feeling or hearing on the beach. Truly a little bit of a weird time for it being beach time, vacation time, happy time.

Here is where it all began to change. I came out of meditation to see a group of around 10 people walking into the area we were all in, they had a Santa suit, camera's, lights I mean it was about to be a full photo shoot happening on the beach...kinda cool to be honest. 

Now the minute and I mean from the first minute the first kids saw Santa on the beach saying that out loud, and then it spreading to all the other kids on the beach it was an instantaneous mood change or energy change. The kids voice's changed, their stature changed, their curiosity changed, their energy changed, the entire mood on the beach was incredible like a dominos effect this was all within 2, maybe 3 minutes. Then immediately after that all the parents mood changed they were happy to see the kids happy, taking pictures of the kids looking on in curiosity, shy but inspired. So so cool to watch in live time let me tell you.

This is where and how we as a people and as a single person can make the world of change. Ok so obviously this team of marketer's or agency where at work, but when you see 12 to 20 little children maybe between 4 and 8 years of age ish gathered around looking and whispering and saying hi Santa kinda still shy but super excited and not really knowing (as well as the parents) if they were able to go hug her (it was a female in the outfit) say hello, tell her what they wanted for Christmas and the parents also not knowing if they could take pictures, confusion right. 

Santa then piped up and said come on over, at the same time waving the parents over who had their phones and camera's right ready to go, but just waiting for the OK, and boom this rush of kids running over maybe 15 feet to jump around Santa.

The happiness was contagious, that child like feeling was contagious, the excitement was contagious, and for the adults remembering that child like mind priceless. In that moment the anger, distress, sadness, snappiness, was all long forgotten and love filled the joke. 

All the while the camera guys and gals, the lighting team, the director, all just sat there enjoying the moment as well, not rushing, not saying no, just allowing this incredible happiness to flow. Such an amazing experience to see and such a good feeling to know that humanness triumphed again over the thoughts of time and money!

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