DENTAL ASSISTANT AND MEXICAN FARMERS A TALE OF 2 WOLVES. We all have these 2 wolves in us, these 2 sides to us the good and the bad.
It took me almost 15 years to realize it is a must to embrace both sides and to not think one is better than the other or that one should never be used or looked at. In actuality they both serve a purpose for our greater goals and good. Without looking into our "dark side" or what in sotozen (the form of mindset study I practice) our shadow self. Which is the part of us we never ever want to shine a light onto. For many reasons including fear, embarrassment and shame.
So I had as always a conversation this morning where this shadow side and this mindset thing we all work on was brought to light for me in 2 different news articles from 2 different countries and ways of life.
The absolute best way to look at something if you want to grow in the spiritual aspect, meaning take out all the things we were taught and actually see things for what they are what they are meant to teach us!
Very difficult practice by the way! This allows us to shed light on things through a different lens if you will and we can see something (possibly) for the first time.
Without getting into all the details of what we go over in the show what was and is always right in front of us is some form of a lesson so that we are able to grow into the human we are meant to be.
For me I mention how when I first got into mindfulness studies that I ASSUMED that you had to be a push over, that I should not speak up for myself, defend myself, think in a negative way. Yet the other side of me which trained with bad ass fighters and military personal felt alive form this mentality and training. A TALE OF 2 WOLVES
The fact being we all need to take back our Universal right to self empowerment! Which is why the article of the Mexican Farmers who took matters into their own hands ( on numerous occasions by the way) by simply knowing whats actually right and wrong (and acting on it), not thinking what others will think of how I think of what is right and wrong have inspired many of us to look deep inside and take inventory on what it is we are doing here on this planet and what is the reason for being here on this planet!
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