Cross-fit Mentality For Longevity Good or Bad? #IYP

So something that has been apart of my life for the last 3-4 years is this work out style called Cross Fit. Now I am very, very aware of all the negative press as well as positive press that comes with the type of booming growth and spotlight that this specific regime has come under, I mean it's under a spot light. So please no matter what you have heard and maybe have your pre conceived thoughts on let me give you my personal vibe on the matter.

So first off the gym scene and men in general is a recipe for Ego, the Flex, the machismo, the who's bigger, badder, stronger, tougher, aka Dick measuring you all know what I am talking about. Now that is relevant in every gym, and I have seen it at many Cross fit gym's as well, however it truly only happens before you become part of the community. What do I mean by that, well you honestly have to come experience what goes down in the gym, but a quick once over would be this - ego goes away because the group that you happen to be in class with at what ever hour you happen to be there is only there to be better than they were yesterday. So coming in with this ego or attitude that you are better than everyone (which does happen) does not get any love, because the person who get's it done fastest or slowest get the same amount of cheering and love.

So if you were the type of person who has to be Bad Ass all the time, you probably would not end up in a gym like this. So the vibe in the gym is one of wanting to do better for each and everyone no matter where you athletic level is.

Again as with any gym there are owners, and coaches who have visions as to what fit is. For some it maybe strength which involves heavy lifting, some gym's may focus on cardio and gymnastics get it. Ok and myself I am look for Longevity and smart training.

What Does that mean exactly? Well again it's going to the base of your health routine, ok so I want proper stretching, I want a proper warm up of the muscle and body parts/areas that are going to be used during the planned work out, I want the proper techniques taught to me for the best possible lifting I can do so that I DO NOT INJUR MYSELF, I finally want the proper cool down and roll out the areas I just used for the last 90 minutes! Boom Yes that is what I look for in my healthy lifestyle training.

I am in it for the Long Haul, I have seen the older guys who did not warm up and can barley move once they get into the 50 plus years, this does not interest me, meaning having that short term LOOK that BEACH BODY early in life then to suffer later in life.

Not at all interested in that crap, however the people I have studied male and female who work out smart, and properly, and eat smart and properly again based on their body type and structure well then sky is by far the limit. Those type of people who are still rocking it out of the park in their 50's, 60's, 70's plus...that's my game plan

I hope you do the same for yourself by following the same type of structure!

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