Bare Foot And Learing The Ancient Ways The Simple Things
I am super tired of all the weekend warriors out there who take a course (which is amazing by the way, love the fact we are all trying to better ourselves) but so so so so many of the students and practitioners I run into seem to think that there is this elaborate spiritual hierarchy that only a few people get to experience.
Absolute BS! There are no better there are no worse, there is only those who do, an those who sorta do, and then those who fake it!
So one of my biggest lesson on this last ancient session I was on, was so so simple that it actually shook something in my core, the saying IT IS THE SIMPLE THINGS, rang very true.
So remember it is the Simple Things.
I was the last one in line on our hike the "old timer" the man who has had the ancient knowledge passed down to him in his line of lineage, stopped me at the trail head and said "You Are Ready".
Ok so I trust, that is all. I trust.
No clue what he means, what we are doing, what the plan is. I get asked to take off my shoes and my shirt. Simple as pie.
Then we commence on the hike in quiet and alone as everyone else speed along.
The things I learned in silence, and saw while everyone speed past....Amazing and priceless.
Step up to 2020, step up to this new world we are embarking on, step up to your own power~
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