AI TAKE OVER OR A CONSPIRACY THEORY? Good old Elon Musk must know some pretty cool things rite! Did you know that most technology in movies has already been out to governments ect for I think at least 10 years. Meaning movies are not able to show the most up to date tech. So the public is very much in the dark as to what the newest of new tech is. Interesting right
After an impromptu meet up at a local breaki spot today as a few of my people flew in for a wedding (which I was unaware of and not invited to) we braved the cold temps to have a quick sit down to just max, and relax, and shoot the S$%T as it were. The topic of discussion was the temp and how crazy cold it has been and for how long.
So not a let's save the world type conversation just classic 'we have not seen each other in a long time so lets catch up and just vibe'. Here is the unique thing for me when I (as always sit back and observe) the universe always teaches us something....Even when we are just gossiping!
The one friend who came in from a warm climate said so what is the temperature exactly, to which we all looked at our phones ( Just another fact of life). Boom and this is where it gets weird. 5 different people, 5 different phone, from 5 different place yet all geo tagged to the location we were all sitting in, and guess what.
5 different temperatures were given. Weird right? Which one was right? Why the different temps?
We made sure we were all on the same location, we all made sure our location was set to current and yet still these different temps. The range was well over 12 degrees between them all. This then lead into a very heated fire side talk about A.I, how we rely more and more on devices, how we really wouldn't have second guessed the temperature if one person said ohh it's "XX" degrees out. So how do we know what we are being given or told or what we ask the device is correct?
That's kinda a deep rabbit whole to go down isn't it. We have become headline readers only, we can't do math without using the phone, directions and numbers are a thing of the past as we just follow whats on the phone or app.
Our attention spans continue to drop and we want things quicker, so how in the end are we fact checking or double checking if what we are being told or given is correct???
Just a little thought that came up today!
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