AGE IS NO EXCUSE TO GIVE UP. This episode is all about the listeners of The IGNITE YOUR PURPOSE show who are past that prime age range of 24-27 for males and females which society deems is our PEAK years!! I laugh and I laugh hard at that nonsense.
So I was asked to attend a gathering of sorts with a few clients and friends of IYP, and as always I sat in and observed the entire meeting/sit down and just got a vibe got a feeling of the pulse of the team, and I did toss in a few words here and there. Yet the main focus was to see how this group of women was feeling, and what they were doing about how they felt.
Were they just having a cry session about how nothing will ever change, or was it a step into the WOKE State, the new 2020 vibe?
So out of the group there were a lot of them who were sick and tired of being sick and tired, and of them all there were 2 who had already made the change for the better. 2 years deep to be exact.
So again as an observer, the visual look of the 2 who had already started making the steps to better and empower themselves was very very noticeable to me anyway. They looked alive (meaning their skin did not look grey) their eyes shined brighter, their minds were sharper, they just looked healthier and younger.
All this aside the best line that this one lady said who had already made the change was " don't make it complicated just start".
We already now the fast food, the pop, the alcohol, the processed foods, the lack of greens is all a problem. So why not baby step by baby step just make a change each day. This does not mean never again will I ever have a pop, but it does mean you know better that it's a treat not a staple in your life.
It also does not mean you have to go out and train with Olympic Athletes to get yourself into shape, but again it does mean get your butt out there and move, sweat, enjoy the outdoors!
In the end I was just happy to see women supporting and empowering each other to be and do better, we need more of this. We need our women healthy and strong this is a fact!
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