Age Ain't Nothing But A Number #IYP

We have all heard this before (well at least I have) that Age Ain't Nothing But A Number (but to be honest when I hear it, it is usually is said when looking at an older guy with a younger women). However today it's all about the fact that we (yup each and every one of us) can be and get better no matter what our date of birth. Today's chat started out again in a gym and with a community of like minded people all looking to better themselves.

So this spot where I train, I had meet this guy early in his transformation (I guess we can call it that) and at the start I thought nothing much of it other than it was awesome to see an older guy in the gym getting at it as we call it. He was fairly new maybe a month or two in (which meant he was coming in and doing some light work maybe 2 or maybe on a good week 3 times). So again I thought what a great guy, and good for him for breaking the routine and the STIGMATA that hey once you hit a certain age there is not point in going to a gym. He was putting in the work, he was not (from what he told me) in a great place as far as joint pain, flexibility and over all movement and or strength, hence why he started coming to a gym with a head coach and owner that solely bases his program on "integrative movement and health"

On that note as with any of us when we start, we are really just trying to get our body use to moving again, stretching into area's we could not get to before and some of the simplest form's of movement as an easy way to just ease the body and mind back into that youthful form and mentality. Again by also implementing it just a few days a week this also allows recovery (because there will be soar muscles and areas after each session) so by giving yourself a few days in between each visit, you again are getting your body use to this "NEW THING" you are doing to it.

By that (the early start of this process) point he was already starting to notice difference's in himself, now on the outside and to other probably not yet, but the little things such as getting up and down off the toilet, walking up the stairs, putting on your shoe's, all these things get a lot easier to do.

Ok fast forward 6 months, this is the time that had gone by since the last time I had personally trained with him (as I leave the Island for that long) 

I was blown away, absolutely astonished. There are no words other than amazing. Honestly - ok so first off this guy stuck with it. Just that in itself for any of us is like next level, there are very few people who can stick to a program first off to start one, then to go after it for the rest of your life as part of your routine. To be honest (as with anything, such as soto zen, working out, or krav Maga training) people either come once and never again, or fall off was it becomes a little to hard or uncomfortable. 

Anyway back to the point here, I was blown away, the movement, the stamina, the strength, the agility, the happiness, the joy, the flexibility, was like 110% different then it was 6 months prior. 

This again within a relatively short period of time, allowing this young buck to be active in the everyday life of his grandchildren!

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