The Red Pill The Matrix and Being Woke, what a start to 2020 for some of our listeners! The fact that there is going to be a lot of us who wake up and the fact that there is going to be a lot of us who go back to sleep is just a starting point.
So what does woke and sleep mean? Well, as always I use the MATRIX reference as a jump off point, but sleep to us here at Ignite Your Purpose means to continue to follow and fall prey to our old ways, our old beliefs, and our old system of repeating what we already know and do.
An example would be if you always take the same route home from work or school, its just auto pilot, its easy, no need to think, no need to experience anything new, we are use to it. So there will be no surprises we feel safe and secure.
To be Woke as all the cool kids call it nowadays is to simply wake up out of the old system we use to follow blindly. It's a starting point of questioning why it is we do the things we do. Where did it come from, why do I believe it, why is it that I do this repeatedly, who taught me this and so forth?
So as I mention in this episode when I started to wake up 12-15 years ago it was far from easy. Most people around you will think you are nuts, they will for sure try to bring you back to sleep. I mentioned as well that it's no different from trying to follow your dreams. All those who never ever did follow their dreams or who gave up on their dreams are the ones that will tell you it is and never will be possible. So stay here in sleep land with us.
This is just a belief system most of us follow. Its easier really to stay inside the box where everyone else is.
Why because we can avoid judgement, the biggest fear we each have!
Until we question it we can never find the key to our self imposed prison! It is a lonely, difficult road, only because we will feel not secure and being human were are told security is what we must have to feel safe.
However once you begin this journey there is nothing else like it, to feel alive, to feel truly freed, to be able to think for yourself...priceless!
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