Real Men Spartans and Corna Virus 2020 And Beyond
This is Sparta, do you remember the movie 300?
Yes, I know it was just a movie, however there is a small factor of truth from that movie, the fact that all civilization, all ancient cultures had a group of men a group of warriors who rose up and protected the tribe.
These men, (and yes absolutely if you dig deep enough there were even tribes of females that were bad ass monsters who protected their tribes, family and or group) but the fact being they had a mentality they had a will and a duty to survive and thrive.
In the current times we are in, wow are we in the gutter to say the least, men are mainly lost puppies that can not make a decision unless the women in their life does it for them. So first off it is a fact that women are the mentally stronger group currently (again this is not every single man or every single female, but in gereral).
The military men types I train with...boss, I mean unreal strength mentally and physically, but outside that most men I know are in their 30's and still living in mama's basement and mama paying the bills, and so be it right.
Having said that so who the phuck is going to lead during these trying times? Not those sissies rite!!!
Most of the physical trainning I do is mostly women demographically, and again of course there are men, lots of men, but the majority are women...bad ass women who run shit! Boy I love it and I love their strength and beauty. They will lead!
The main thing to understand in this time the time where we all as humans need to level up, show up, excel, overcome, thrive and survive, the ones who have been babied, or to call it what it is are soft as shit, will be left behind. We need leaders, we need strong ass humans to push forward.
Step up, stand up, and take what is yours...empower oursleves! Lets go!!
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