No Skin In The Game So Why Bother? #IYP

We all see it, we have all done it, and we have all been apart of it, yup that's right we all have done it. 

You know that I'll do that later, or next week, or after I finish this bag because it was expensive. Or we were told that someone would help us out of the goodness of their heart for our betterment and then never showed up or never took them up on the offer...for what ever reason.

Now I say this because it is something I have been witnessing a lot lately since we have putting out content and since we have started helping others, a lot of the time out of the goodness of wanting them to be better. 

What we talk about in the show though is how we as individuals have to show up, we have to, and I mean we have to show up and meet the universe half way. This is almost like an unwritten law that is out there in the energy world.

Meaning if I want something I have to get up and physically get after it. I cannot however want that something and sleep all day and think it will happen just because I want it to. Again we have to meet it (that want) half way. There are the positive thoughts yes and the vision boards and the desire and all the rest of it, but it's the action part that let's everyone know...ok this is for real.

For myself I have also noticed that maybe 95% of the time unless there is an actual value applied to the "thing" you want or try to achieve or whatever, then we tend to fall back on the old habit of I'll get to that later...why you ask? Well, I personally think its because we at that point have zero skin in the game. 

I can only speak for myself, all the classes and organization and communities that I still belong to after many many years...I pay for them. So I attend not only to better myself but for me if I am paying then I damn well need to show up, and if I show up then I damn well better put forth one hell of an effort, again why...because I work hard for my money so I want the value that I perceive out of it!

So if you are on any path or endeavour please make sure you are all in, that may be financial or that may be mental, but be all in - no half ass. That is the road to failure!

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